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With FreeMoverData, you can take advantage of our data collection module free of charge!

Increase the value of your website while you receive extensive details about all your customer's moving/change of address information.

Imagine getting the most timely marketing information about your customer's move including:

  • Customer and Household Member Names
  • Move Date
  • Previous and New Addresses
  • Age
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Move Type (permanent or temporary)
  • Housing Type (home, condo, apartment, etc.)
  • Ownership Type (own, rent/lease, etc.)
  • Organizations selected for Change of Address
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  • Competitive Advantage: Extract marketing information that your competitors will not know.
  • Exclusivity: High-detail marketing information is given to you privately
  • Convenience: Reports to your Inbox or download directly in a choice of formats (Excel, Text, Delimited, XML)
  • Timely Data: Change-of-Address is typically one of the first industries movers use to start the moving process
  • Convert from Competition Opportunity: Since you know what organizations your visitors notify for address change, there is a golden opportunity to convert them from a competitor's product or service to your own.
  • Value-Added Site Re-Visits: Customers return to your site more frequently - to check their order status, modify existing orders and return when moving again.
  • Cost: The entire process is FREE!